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CONTENT. COVID-19 cohort in Spain: Social Dynamics, mental health and inequalities

Manolis Kogevinas, ISGlobal Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
ISGlobal Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Principal investigators:


Project description

The overall objective is to use existing epidemiological population cohort studies in Spain to evaluate social dynamics, mental health and inequalities in the COVID-19 post-confinement period. We will also develop a wide stakeholder consultation to prioritize key social and health needs that require scientific support and provide evidence to public health authorities and the society to mitigate the adverse effects of the pandemic and the response to the pandemic.

The study is based on the following assumptions: (i) the COVID-19 epidemic is far from being controlled and there will be a need for continued and prolonged control measures; (ii) the prolonged response to the epidemic will have major social, economic and mental health implications to the population; (iii) personal behaviours during the time of post-confinement will be dynamic; (iv) the adverse effects of the pandemic and the response to the pandemic will not be evenly distributed between social strata.

Research Objectives:
1. Evaluate the short-term and long-term mental health impacts related to the epidemic and to the policies to control the epidemic.
2. Evaluate the social and economic impacts of the outbreak on the population and the impact of the measures to control the epidemic, specifically during the lockdown and post-confinement periods.
3. Share the scientific results on the psychosocial impact of COVID-19 in our society with relevant actors in public institutions, professional associations and civil society, and promote the development of effective responses to the social challenges that the current crisis has caused.