Other research collections

In addition to te GCAT collection several others research projects are storing their
samples in GCAT biobank. A short summary/listing of the projects and owners of the
samples can be found below. If you are interested in utilizing any of the collections,
please visit their own website and contact the owner/contact person of the collection in

Population Cohorts

NeoCodex Collection

Blood and DNA collection for Spanish Population collected by Neocodex from 2005-2009. The collection of 10.000 samples contains cases of colon, lung. Melanoma, and breast cancer, as well 4000 samples from (cancer) control. Case-Control.Anonimyzed-Coded samples.

Individual Recruitment: from 2005-2012

Web link www.germanstrias.org


Manuel Perucho

Registry Number: none

IJC-Campus de Can Ruti collection

Sample Collection of Leukemic cases. Prospective. Indentified samples.

Individual Recruitment: 2012- ongoing

Web link www.carrerasresearch.org

Peripheral blood, bone marrow aspirate, saliva, DNA

Francesc Solé

Registry Number: C.0002922