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Inferring population history from the unilinearly transmitted genome regions in GCAT full genomes

Francesc Calafell


Rafael de Cid, Genomesforlife -IGTP

Project description

GCAT will produce ~1,000 gender-balanced high-coverage genomes, which will represent 1,000 full mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) and 500 Y-chromosome sequences. These are the unilinearly transmitted regions in the human genome, and, since they escape recombination, they recapitulate the genealogical history of the sample they were taken from. In particular, the deep divisions in the mtDNA and MSY (male-specific Y) phylogenies, known as haplogroups, show each a particular geographical distribution and (pre)historical migration paths. We propose to characterize the mtDNA and MSY sequences in GCAT in order to reconstruct the various historical contributions to the populations sampled in GCAT; given the diverse origins of the people living in Catalonia and the large sample size, relevant information will be obtained both for geographical subdivisions within Catalonia and for other regions in Spain (as well as for a few of the most numerous foreign communities).

Additionally, the mtDNA and MSY haplogroups of each volunteer, along with the relevant context and implications, will be given to them, as a way to further engage them in the GCAT project.

Contact person: francesc.calafell@upf.edu

Web link: https://www.ibe.upf-csic.es