GCAT for Researchers

GCAT health databank

GCAT health databank is a collection of health data and samples from participants of The GCAT/Genomes for Life. Cohort Study of the Genomes of Catalonia Study. The study is conducted in several waves of data gathering, namely GCAT1, the baseline Survey from 2014-2017 and GCAT2, the GCAT follow-up in the second year. Data collection is done with web-based self-questionnaires, direct interviews, clinical data and analyses of DNA blood derived samples. GCAT HD contains blood serum and plasma samples, as well as Living White cells, criopreserved in GCAT, which can be picked and defrosted for further analyses or biological markers. GCAT is a supported access resource.

The GCAT Study has the following characteristics:

Researchers wishing to use the GCAT should make an Initial Transmission Request.  For the full regulations regarding access please see the section on Ethical, Legal and Social Implications (ELSI) in the section on GCAT Data Access, all the documents required to make a request are in the section Data Access Documents.

For specific questions regarding the research please contact Dr Rafael de Cid, Scientific Director of the GCAT. Rafael de Cid, PhD rdecid(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat (+34) 93 557 28 39 

GCAT Web Association Analysis

Here you can access to the GCAT Pheweb, a web where you can visualize the results from a GWAS analysis trying to find out pleiotropy among SNPs and genes.