As you indicated, you would like to have a serological test for SARS-cov-2 as a participant in the COVICAT study.

This test will let you know if you have been in contact with the virus. Covid-19 and your state of immunity. The result, if you consent, will be emailed to you.

Please note that the result is not the same as the clinical diagnosis, it is part of a research project in which we are developing a new technique that is more precise and complete than rapid serological tests. The results will be sent to you within approximately one month.

To do it, you have to donate blood to any of the hospitals where the Blood and Tissue Bank, a collaborating partner of the COVICAT study, has a donation space.

In case for some reason you cannot or do not want to donate blood, you must write to us requesting an appointment at the e-mail covid(ELIMINAR)@bst.cat.

You can choose any day from Monday to Thursday until July 30 to donate blood and donate the sample for the test.

Here you can find documentation that will be useful to you (in catalan):

For any questions you can contact us by writing to covicat(ELIMINAR)@igtp.cat or covid(ELIMINAR)@bst.cat