GCAT Advisory Boards

Ethics Committee Associated with GCAT

The Ethical Committee for Clinical Research (CEIC) of the Germans Trias Univesity Hospital oversees the ethical and legal considerations for the GCAT.

The CEIC is a key element in the development of the GCAT Project as its mission is to ensure that biomedical research is carried out correctly from a methodological, ethical and legal point of view and that the rights, benefits and auntomia of the subjects is respected.

GCAT Scientific Evaluation Board  (SEB)

The Scientific Evaluation Board is an independent body that oversees the scientific and technical quality of all the research projects carried out by third parties.  It gives scientific advice on technical aspects, good practice, quality, security and traceability and evaluates petitions for access to data.

The external board is composed of at least four members with experience in the field of biomedical research, who are not directly connected to the biobank.   To guarantee an independent view with no conflict of interest this board is run according to strict rules; members are proposed by the GCAT staff and researchers.   Members of the SEB are appointed by the GCAT Management for renewable periods of two years.