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We are looking for an outstanding person, good nature, bioinformatics/computational biology skills and intrepid with interest to work in the analysis of cutting-edge high-throughput OMIC data generated from a Catalan-Spanish population-based cohort of 20.000 individuals.

The candidate will be primarily in charge of implementation and maintaining the GCAT- SQL database, and significantly, the candidate will work as data analysts, with genomic, environmental and epidemiology researchers focused on translational genomics of complex disorders.

The candidate will develop his/her skills in the field, from currently available methodology for interpretation and visualization of genomic data, whole genome, array SNP data genome, exposome data (environmental captured data using cutting-edge technologies). Computational representation and simulation of genetic and genomic systems: population genetics, gene mapping, genetic and biochemical networks, genetic and epigenetic systems biology, signaling pathways, physiological or metabolic systems, integration of -omic datasets are some of the skills in which the candidate should be expert at the end of stage.

The deadline for submission of applications will end on 15/05/2019

The GCAT lab is always looking for people motivated by human genomic research in all its approaches. If you have concerns and interest in developing your research, contact us to know what we are doing and to give us your ideas as well.

For information about jobs at the IGTP, including in the GCAT project, please see the IGTP Job Openings Section.