At GCAT, we have finished the recruitment with 20,000 participants!

We are constantly working on actions to improve awareness of genetic and environmental determinants required to enjoy better health and well-being. These advances are only possible with the participation and enthusiasm of volunteers who, like yourself, are open to getting involved in collective well-being making decisive contributions.

After the participation success, we are continuing to accept new participants to make GCAT one of the largest cohorts in Catalonia.

Likewise, during the month of May of 2018 we have already begun a first contact with all the participants, to know what is your current health status. GCAT_Lifestyle a day will be the first round of health monitoring. All those who are already taking part in the project for more than one year will receive an informative letter on how to proceed to collaborate and maintain their daily health.

In addition, in order to study health habits within the family, we have incorporated members of the same family into the study. GCAT_Family Health, has incorporated groups of families with children of legal age.

During 2018 we launched a new project: GCAT_Environment and Health. This project needs 200 volunteers (initially restricted to the cities of Barcelona and Girona) that already form part of the GCAT to participate in the study, where we will define and validate the different environmental exposure maps.

By defining these exposure maps, we can measure the effect of pollution on our health and raise scientific actions to improve it, offering personalized solutions to our genetic profile.

For more information, please click on the links on continuing to collaborate.


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