GCAT | Lifestyle


A healthy lifestyle leads to better well-being and longevity.

Our everyday habits have a significant effect on the way our genes manifest themselves, how they affect our well-being, and when and how disease develops, in simple terms, how we live our life.

During 2018, we asked to all GCAT project participants to complete a follow-up questionnaire. In this online questionnaire, we asked about life changes in recent years, since they began participating in the GCAT, changes in lifestyle, diet or physical activity, and the appearance of new health problems.

The GCAT project wants to analyze health and disease prospectively, over the coming years. We are very interested in assessing your current state of health as your eating habits, lifestyle or exercising habits may have changed since you agreed to take part in the study. This follow-up is essential to the research since daily habits significantly affect the way in which genes express themselves and how a disease develops.

More than 9000 GCAT participants answered the first health follow-up round. Thanks a lot for your participation!

Here you can see some of the results and consult some recommendations to improve lifestyle habits: