Water is an essential part of our body, accounting for 65% of our body mass. The importance of water is reflected in its huge presence in a number of vital processes, such as the distribution of nutrients in the body, the elimination of waste, the lubrication of joints, the regulation of body temperature and metabolism, among others.

A good water intake can delay aging and improve diseases such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, arthritis or obesity.

The loss of water from our body is constantly occurring, so it is essential to drink it constantly to maintain proper levels of hydration. But do we know the water we consume?

Tap water must fulfill with strict regulations and we can, therefore, drink it with some peace of mind, although it contains chemicals generated during the disinfection process. These compounds are very diverse and have different characteristics, some are volatile and can be inhaled, permeable to the skin and ingested. Initially, some studies showed that they could be health risks, but recent studies conducted by ISGlobal colleagues conclude that there are no negative effects.

The effects of the filters have not been studied much, but they are known to reduce the presence of some pollutants, but also reduce the beneficial minerals contained in the water.

Bottled water complies with much slower regulation, with much less strinct analysis than running water. Studies show that under extreme heat, plastic components can migrate to water, although there is little evidence of their impact on health. On the other hand, at the environmental level, bottled water generates a large amount of plastic waste.

ISGlobal conducted a study in 2007 in Barcelona on the effect of high exposure to water by-products due to the frequent use of the pool, concluding that the biomarkers altered, involve genetic and respiratory damage, although these effects are reversible. Subsequently, they repeated the experiment for much better results, showing no negative health effects, possibly due to improved water quality in the Barcelona water network.

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