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Thursday, 31 October 2019

Health in Barcelona. New Insights in the connection of Urban settings and Health

The intuition that we all have that a pleasant environment is healthier has recently been supported by a new scientific evidence that certifies the impact of our environment on our health. In this case in one of the most devastating common diseases, ischemic stroke.

A researcher at the Hospital del Mar in Barcelona, ​​in conjunction with teams from IsGlobal-Barcelona, ​​UPF and others have published a scientific paper in the prestigious Environmental Research magazine, where is described that severity of the stroke is related to the quality of the urban environment.

The work has focused on a sample of patients from Barcelona (2761) and it has been demonstrated the relation of the quality of the environment, traffic noise, green areas and the built environment to a greater severity in the initial vascular accident.

For the management of our health and disease the knowledge of the impact of the environment where we express our genes is essential to integrate our behavior with personal susceptibility or resistance, defined by our personal genetic background.


Map of the city of Barcelona, left PM2.5 concentration and right NDVI concentration