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The GCAT project invites you to the webinar "The essentials of DUO codes" that will take place on Wednesday, January 19 at 12:00 CET. This free registration webinar is organized by the EGA-CRG team within the VEIS training program of which the GCAT project is part.

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Air pollution does not increase the risk of getting infected but does increase the risk of getting sick from COVID-19

The GCAT participates in a study that examines the association between antiviral antibodies, COVID-19 symptoms, and long-term exposure to air pollution in a cohort in Catalonia

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The GCAT Project gathers strength with the VEIS website opening today

Today the VEIS website opens and the IGTP-GCAT is proud to be a member of the consortium. VEIS - Valorization of the EGA for Industry and Society is a step forward towards personalized medicine in Catalonia

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The GCAT project participates in a worldwide genomic study to identify risk factors for covid-19

An International consortium discovers various genetic markers associated with infection by SARS-CoV-2 and the severity of covid-19. The IGTP forms part of the consortium with the GCAT'Genomes for Life Project, a population cohort of 20,000 people from across Catalonia. The GCAT has contributed the analyzed data of 5,000 participants to the study.

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The GCAT is leading a new project funded by La Marató for research in COVID One of the IGTP projects is a study of the genomic regions relevant to covid infections by the GCAT Programme, led by Dr Rafael de Cid. The project will identify genetic markers to help predict the risk of severe disease, complications and long covid in individuals. 

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