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Genomic germline profiling in advanced stage non-small-cell lung cancer patients with platinum-based chemotherapy

Research Leader:
Dr. Rafael de Cid
Disease Genomics-GCATlab Group-The Institute for Health Science Research Germans Trias i Pujol (IGTP) – PMPPC. Can Ruti Biomedical Campus

Project description

The Non-Small-Cell-Lung-Cancer (NSCLC), being the most common form, has an overall 5-years survival of less than 15%. Among non-oncogen driven NSCLCs patients, platinum-based chemotherapy is the first line standard treatment for the vast majority of patients, however response rates are only 15%-30%, and median.  Since no reliable markers are available for profiling patients before intervention, the aim of the study is to investigate the relationship between germline variations as a prognosis biomarker in patients in advanced NSCLC with first-line platinium-based treatment.   A two-stage genome-wide-association study was performed in non-small-cell lung cancer patients with platinum-based chemotherapy in a exploratory sample of NSCLC patients from Caucasian origin, followed by a validation on NSCLC patients from the same ancestry (Valencia, Spain).

Contact person Dr. Rafael de Cid

Web link www.germanstrias.org, www.imppc.org