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EPIGENESIS Project: EPIgenetic and GENEtic study combined with integromics and functional analysis to find genes associated with neurological deterioration after ISchemic stroke

Research Leader:
Dr. Israel Fernandez Cadenas
Fundació Docència i Recerca Mútua de Terrassa

Project description

Ischemic stroke has a genetic component of risk that has been calculated around 37%. Although studies using Genome Wide Association studies (GWAS) has been found only 5-10% of this genetic risk. Also, some studies had reported variant association to stroke on specific populations, suggesting that each population can have different genetic risk factors.

Objective: Perform a GWAS analysis using only Spanish patients for find new genetic risk factors specific of Spanish population.

Methodology: We will analyze 3,100 cases and controls with HumanExonCore Infinium BeadChip array (Illumina). This array can detect 250K different polymorphisms. We will make data imputation using the data of the 1000Genomes project.

Polymorphisms associated with stroke (p <10E-08) will be replicated in two new cohorts one of Spanish nationality with 4.000 cases and controls and the other will be an international cohort of 74,393 stroke cases and controls.

Contact person: Dr. Israel Fernandez Cadenas

Web link: http://fundaciorecerca.mutuaterrassa.com