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GSCCR. Genetic Scores of the Colorectal Cancer Risk Factor Constellation

Research Leader:
Dr. Víctor Moreno, Dr. Rafael de Cid

Collaborators: Ivan Galván-Femenía, PMPPC-IGTP; Mireia Obón-Santacana, Anna Díez-Villanueva, ElisabetGuinó, IDIBELL-ICO

Project description

It is proposed to study relationships between genetic scores of factors related to colorectal cancer (CCR), the same factors measured by the questionnaire and available intermittent indicators of the CCR.

For each variable / factor related to the CCR a genetic risk score (GRS) will be generated. If GRS is already found in the literature from GWAS studies (genome.gov/gwas studies), these will be analyzed and the association will be evaluated with the feature observed in GCAT. If the literature does not have GRS, the GCAT data will be analyzed to identify SNPs associated with the features of interest. Cross-validation techniques will be used to avoid over-adjustment.

With the various GRSs, correlation will be assessed and the network of factors associated with the CCR will be analyzed with system biology techniques. The CRC GRS will be used as an indicator of susceptibility.

The aforementioned personal history of CCR / adenomas will be analyzed as an intermediate variable. If the data from the history of adenomas / CCR are obtained from PADRIS, they will be used to validate the questionnaires. The association of this variable with the CRC GRS and the factor network will be analyzed.

Contact person: Dr. Víctor Moreno

Web link: www.idibell.cat, www.germanstrias.org/