Who can take part in GCAT?

Anybody between 40 and 65 years who fulfills all the conditions below can take part. Basically all blood donors between 40 and 65 are eligible and also some people who cannot be blood donors.

The GCAT project aims to increase knowledge of illnesses, their prevention, diagnostic, treatments and how they progress. Remember that this project is designed to study illnesses by looking at information from very large numbers of people; it is NOT designed to study individuals.

This research will need a blood sample and access to medical records for all collaborators in order to see trends in the population. The project will also need to contact each collaborator again, but not very frequently during the next five years to follow up.

All the data from collaborators will be kept in the IMPPC Biobank, the purpose of which is biomedical research. The samples and data collected will be in the custody of the IMPPC and the BST, who will keep them confidential and safe according to Spanish and European law. To see information about confidentiality click here.

To join the project you must fulfill all of the following requirements:

Participation in the GCAT project is completely voluntary and unpaid. Our participants take part to further the cause of science and improve medical practices for future generations.