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DNA Family Book

Dra. Marta Tomás (CEO & co-founder)

Project description

A lot of data about hereditary disease and their risk factors can be found in DNA. DNA FAMILY BOOK helps families to preserve DNA, especially those families that have suffered recurrence of the same disease (cardiovascular, neurodegenerative, cancer, rare disease, etc.) or from a sudden or unexpected death of a family member. Analysing the DNA of a family helps to detect and prevent these diseases, but conclusive genetic test are not yet available for many of these. Advances in medical DNA analysis make possible to discover more and more of the genetic root causes of these pathologies. DNA (from alive or deceased members) preserved with DNA FAMILY BOOK can be analysed in the future to determine the genetic root cause of diseases that have still yet to be identified. As its motto says, "Genetic information is vital to your family health. Preserve it today".

Contact person consulta@dnafamilybook.com

Web link www.dnafamilybook.com