The GCAT is a huge and lengthy study that will require the fine tuning of all aspects including: individual enrolment, data and sample collection, data and sample processing and finally data and samples security and integrity.

Given this complexity, we decided for GCAT a centralized structure, based on a central laboratory, at PMPPC, where ALL data and sample are processed to ensure the robustness of the study.  Data collection is also centralized using a web-based system that allows for the simultaneous individual enrolment (register and data collection) from multiple and concurrent points around the territory. Sample collection is done via a centralized network, the national network of the BST and using identical protocols to homogenize the entire process over time and therefore diminishing variability. The BST network have sends all samples daily to a centralized main BST laboratory in Barcelona City, near the PMPPC in Badalona.

We aim to perform a Pilot Study to monitor the set up of all the possible concerning aspects regarding enrolment, from population information, individual calling, sample collection, data collection, sample processing, data processing, data validity as well sample and data security. This monitored set up will ensure all the procedures and processes work smoothly and allow for any adjustments before the enrolment of the entire group of participants.  

Study participation is suggested to candidates who are contacted (1) by phone call from BST central services or (2) on direct arrival at BST centres.

Two BST centres from the Barcelona area were set up for the pilot test during 33 working days in a two month period: BST Sant Pau (Barcelona) and BST Germans Trias i Pujol (Badalona).

The centres were set up with two especially dedicated personal computers and a private room for making anthropometric measures in intimacy.